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Scentbird-Perfume Subscription

Perffume scentbird.com
Scentbird is the amazing fragrance platform. All of the months, you will be delivered the 30-day supply of an authentic, designer fragrance of your selection basis to your doorstep.
You will get the monthly perfume subscription service which offers members access to the thirty-day samples of male’s and female’s designer fragrances. Mariya Nurislamova clinically verifies this perfume.
This product provides the celebrity scents and 150 to 450 fragrances for men and women.Eight mL vials are similar to about 140 sprays that equivalent to apply for four times each day for 30 days.
The awesome fragrances of your perfume may grab the attention of your better half or beloved ones. You have to know the essence of perfume in your life.
With this first shipment, you will receive the reusable case without any additional fees. This perfume may bring the tinge of freshness in your day-to-day life. With this Scentbird, you may get the fragrance for the longtime use. You can also present this as your gift to your beloved ones. This product is user-friendly wherever you explore the fragrances that help you to mix your every day.

Get access to a 30-day supply of hundreds of top designer fragrances, including Dolce & Gabbana and Marc Jacobs delivered to your door for just $14.95/month.

ScentBird Review

  • Scentbird offers you new perfumes of your own choice.
  • You will get the original and branded fragrances forever
  • This service will allow you to find the right scent,extremely comfortable to carry in the travel and both for women and men so they can easily match the scent
  • This service does not include any commitments, contracts, and month to month.This service does not include any shipping charges.

How ScentBird Works

Scentbird is the easy and fun way to try new fragrances each month. Here are the few steps to get the perfume.

  • Step One: Start Your Subscription: Here, you will get the monthly supply of the fragrance of your option. In this Scentbird, you can easily sign up within few minutes.
  • Step Two: Pick Your Scent: Scentbird has developed perfumes for both men and women. Whether you are women, you will get 450+designer fragrances and 100% authentic. If you are men, you can easily pick from 150+ designer fragrances as you may wish.
  • Step Three: Monthly Spray; Here, you will receive the generous supply of the fragrances 0.27oz/8ml in the travel-friendly spray. You will get the free refillable case with your very first order.
  • Step Four: On Your Doorstep: All of the month, the birdies of this Scentbird will offer you perfume fragrances right to your door.