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  3. Get the most impressive resume builder on the market today . There's no risk; no obligation - you can try it for FREE.

Get the most impressive resume builder on the market today . There's no risk; no obligation - you can try it for FREE.

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My Perfect Resume myperfectresume.com
myPerfectresume can help guide you through the process of making your perfect resume in a few minutes. It's helpful and easy to use resume builder will take you step-by-step while providing you with great options to highlight your best sides and create your ideal resume.

A great resume builder software for job seekers on the go. This quick and easy cv and resume builder will guide you through the steps to crafting your perfect resume. Great video resources will help you prepare for your interview and help ensure you get your dream job.

myPerfectresume Highlights

  • Easy-to-use interface that guides you through every step of the process
  • Simple, easy-to-navigate site that makes your resume building experience a breeze

  • Free cross-platform sharing to LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook success
  • Built in job-search feature that helps you on your way to finding your perfect job
  • A quick and painless way to make sure you get your perfect job

Pros and Cons

  • A quick and simple way to create a new resume or fine tune an existing one to make sure it’s perfect.
  • A helpful video library that helps you prepare for your job interview with expert advice, tips, and the best strategies to ensure you get your dream job.

  • Expert reviews of your resume help you polish your CV in order to be the best candidate for your dream job.
  • - Low customizability for your resume can be slightly problematic when trying to stand out.
  • - No phone support means that there could be issues when in low connectivity areas.
  • - Their free tools are slightly limited and don’t allow for downloading your document or saving it.
Features and Services

myPerfectresume is a quick and simple solution to making the perfect resume. The website’s design is easy to understand and is designed to guide you through the process of making your resume. Once you have logged in, the site’s resume builder software will guide you through all of the steps of making your resume.

The process itself is easy and painless, with the application guiding you through every part of your resume. The resume builder helps you fill in your resume with premade samples for a variety of careers that will make your work experience stand out and highlight your best assets. Myperfectresume.com also helps you build your cover letter and offers a great resume review.

The site doesn’t allow for much customization and formatting for your resume, but its premade templates are designed for a variety of different industries and provide a great base for your perfect resume. The site’s video library has great resources to master the art of interviews and make sure you ace your next job opportunity.

myPerfectresume also acts as your main job search hub, with an integrated job search engine that allows you to connect directly to potential employers, making your job search a quick, easy, and smooth experience.


myPerfectresume offers three payment options. The first option is a 14-day subscription that will give you complete access to all the site’s features and resources. The second is a monthly renewing membership for $8.95 a week. However, if you pay a year in advance, $7.95 a month saves you quite a bit.

Overall, their prices are very solid and the yearly renewal plan gives users great values for their subscriptions. By signing up for a full year, users can also take their time to hone their skills and make sure they are ready for their dream job by utilizing the site’s vast job search resources.

Ease of Use

The site’s resume builder software is extremely easy to use. The simple point and click interface makes editing the site a breeze and although the formatting options are slightly limited, it is still a great way to create your perfect resume that impresses potential recruiters. The site will take you step-by-step through every part of your resume building experience and suggest the best content to ensure your resume looks and reads professionally.

The process of uploading your resume is also very intuitive and the site effectively converts the formatting into a preexisting template. Once through the initial creation you can edit any section and with great tools to aid in the building process.

Customer Support

myPerfectresume offers you support through e-mail or live chat, which is available at all times. While they don’t have a phone you can call, their live customer support is ready to help and easily accessible.