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HomEquip 12 Pk,16 Oz Reusable Glass Beer Bottles - Grolsch Style with Easy Swing Top Caps: Used for Home Brewing, Wine Fermenters & Kombucha Tea Bottling (Clear)

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About HomEquip:
We are a recognized kitchen line with a long, successful history of versatile kitchen essentials. We created a cohesive collections through style, quality, and practicality. We love to make your cooking experience simple & fun. We now offer a variety of innovative kitchen gadgets that will enhance your kitchen experience. From oil presses, organizers, glass jars, and home brew bottles makes your kitchen feel tidy & neat.

Resealable and Reusable Grolsch Bottles:
Homequip Glass BEER Bottles with a secure flip-top lids are the most ideal way to store your beer or kombucha. These bottles are always ready for opening and closing with the connected flip-top caps. The clamping brackets and rubber gaskets combined to form an airtight seal that keeps beer from spoiling. These bottles are perfect for the home brewing kind of guy!! As well as the creative homemaker.

Perfect for a Variety of Beverages:
Our must-have home kitchen accessories are perfect for preserving homemade oils, Brewing your own beer, homemade kombucha making, kefir, storing your cold brew and salad dressing storage.

Designed for Durability and Easy to Care:
These Bottles were manufactured with super firm glass that will that will not break easily when it falls. This is a long lasting investment that you will not regret. These bottles are 100% dishwasher safe so they can be reused many times over. BPA free - avoid using chemical plastic that's harmful for your body.

Variety Packs Available:
We provide a case of 6 bottles and caps. We do also carry a 12 pack if you're a consummate brewer looking for an even better value.

Customer Satisfaction is our Top Priority:
We insist on the highest quality materials and manufacturing processes to bring you these premium Swing Top Bottles. The Prep Naturals Risk-Free Guarantee ensures that if our products do not perform to your expectation.


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