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Chicken Wooden Wall Art Decor from Guatemala. Hand Carved & Made With 100% Real Wood. Perfect For Living Room & Bedroom Wall Hangings and Home Art Decorations!

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MADE BY HAND IN GUATEMALA - This beautiful wooden art was handcarved and carefully painted by local artists in the pintoresque town of Chichicastenango, a rural town about 3 hours from Guatemala City. FAIR TRADE & CONSCIOUS WOOD - The partnership established with the artists that made this artwork is one of respect, transparency and fair wages. The wood used has the seal of approval of Guatemala's forest authorities (INAB), - which means no illegal trees were cut down in the process. UNIQUE & BRIGHTLY COLORED - This piece of art is an excellent example of the traditional Guatemalan style of carving. Knife-finished with an excellent attention to detail and varnished to perfection, this unique artwork will enhance any interior space of your home. BEAUTIFUL WALL DECORATION - Enhance any interior space in your home with this beautiful wall hanging decor! Your guests will surely smile and give you compliments on the beautiful piece you chose for decorating your home ;-)


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