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Western Spurs

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Editorial Review

If you're going for the cowboy look, you have to work it from head to toe. Complete your outfit with these western spurs. Simply put them on your favorite cowboy boots and you'll look straight out of the wild west. Whether it's the wild west or the war, your equipment goes through some tough times. That is why Parris Manufacturing makes all of their accessories and items with the highest quality, most durable materials so you can keep on playing through it all. From cops and robbers to cowboys, kids have been playing with toy guns and accessories for ages. These replicas bring a new spin to your kid's favorite classic games. Get their imagination running wild with these high quality, durable toys. Parris Manufacturing Company manufactures military, frontier and cowboy style rifles, pistols and pistol holster, and accessory sets. Every replica in the company's line is based on a rifle, musket or pistol that played an important part in our country's history. Package contains (1) Parris Western Spurs Replica Set. Spurs with adjustable leather strap. Fits both Children and Adults.


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