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DECK OF SCARLET Reviews - Makeup Subscription: Just $29.95

Deck Of Scarlet
Cosmetic Palette deckofscarlet.com
Multiple makeup looks in one chic palette. Delivered to your door for just $29.95 every other month.
The mysteries of the midnight sky inspired this ultra-elegant, darkly daring palette. It starts with greys as deep as the universe, and the subtle sparkle that escapes from Gravity. Eyes get touched with a golden Aurora;face is illuminated with pure Stardust. On lips: Venus, a bold berry so intensely captivating, nothing escapes its allure. Each ultra-pigmented shade in this curated, edgy-yet-wearable collection delivers dense, dramatic color. Go fierce. Go bold. Go dark. Just go. #DeckOfScarlett
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Deck of Scarlet Review

Deck of Scarlet is a makeup subscription box; you receive one makeup palette every two months. All the products you need to create multiple makeup looks are included for just $29.95. There is lots of love about this sub box! First, you get product every TWO months instead of one so you won’t be overwhelmed. Second, you KNOW what you’re getting, you can preview the palette. You will always get a makeup palette + an extra or two (all full sized) and no samples that will end up in the back of your makeup drawer gathering dust. Third, all the palettes are limited edition and are made in collaboration with a popular YouTuber and designed to give you multiple looks in one palette. Fourth, the YouTuber that designed that months palette provides three looks and a tutorial so you don’t have to guess how to use it. And finally, you can skip a month if you aren’t interested in that months palette or cancel at any time. Win!

Deck of Scarlet was kind enough to send me this months (January/February) featured palette, Edition #06 by YouTuber Nikkia Joy. I just started following her and she is so pretty and fun to watch. She’s not silly or loud and she doesn’t drop the F bomb every two seconds like so many people I find on YouTube. What I like most about her is that she gives lots of tips and easy to follow how-to videos. Nikkia Joy says “The palette is inspired by midnight skies and I created 3 very different looks using it!”